Effective cold emailing strategies

From time to time I get requests for advice from new CEOs or sales leaders starting their sales team. Cold calling is my thing and Local is my game. From my time building sales teams at Yext and later Felix I’ve likely hired/managed 400+ reps, all who made 150+ cold calls per day. So, yeah we’ve tried a lot of things.

I try to keep any help in this arena as tactical as possible to be truly helpful. I thought I’d share one such correspondence below. The CEO of a newly launched disrupter in the telephony space is trying to develop his sales outreach strategy to find great customers.

“My question is, from a lead gen perspective, have you seen emailing info@, or contact@, etc addresses for SMBs working?  It seems quite a few companies have been doing this, and it seems to work because most will ultimately go to a decision maker if the company is <15 people.  Do you have any experience with this?”

I’d agree that often info@ requests will reach a decision maker (DM) at small companies. I also agree that a lot of sales people are trying to reach them through this channel, so it often acts as a catch-all where sales emails can be easily identified and filtered out.

The best sales people are a bit harder to filter by the quick “eye test”. Typically because they’ve done their homework, are relatable, and can be quickly understood.

Getting in front of a DM is half the battle and you’ll do that fairly well by targeting info@-type addresses at small companies. When writing these emails try to think about what the owners want coming through their info@ channels. Usually they’re looking for leads. If that’s the case, think like a lead. Speak the DM’s language.

For example: If writing to a note to a plumber:

Rather than sending:

“Hey this is Dave Greenberger, from PlumbersDirect. I’d love to talk to you about how we can help drive new customers into your business. After being around for 40 years, we at PlumbersDirect specialize in driving the “right” phone calls to you, thanks to a series of technological advancements.

Unlike competitors, we do this through a ____ b_________ and c_______ with great success.

I’d love to talk to you about how we can help. Do you have any time available today??”


Speak their language:


We have a few clients in the area who are looking for a certified plumber they can trust nearby. Do you do any sewer main-line work? If so, are you able to take on any extra work this month?



Once I have the DM on the phone, and know that she’s interested in extra customers, we can discuss how PlumbersDirect can be a regular engine for these type of customers and engage in a conversation about whether it’s a good fit.

Speaking the DM’s language and getting to the point, saves both you AND the prospect a lot of time and energy, and will likely result in much more actionable next steps. Whether that’s a “no, we’re not interested” “or yes we can take on some work, give me a call” it’s all better than a lengthy message that isn’t read.

I hope that makes sense.

Happy to chat more about how this can work for you.



There’s always more than one way to skin a cat. This is surely not THE BEST, nor only way to reach out to SMB’s. But for me, if you’re going to play the email game, thinking about sales in terms of ‘what helps the prospect on the other end of the line’ can drive results.

How do you reach out to your prospects? I’d love to hear your advice.