How to Build a Killer SMB Sales Team

We recently hosted another Building the Sales Machine event here at Foursquare HQ and this time the guest speaker was the man who taught me everything I know, Bryan Rutcofsky of Yext. Bryan has built an amazing SMB sales playbook that many of the top companies in the space are using today. Think of him as the father of Triangle Offense.

We discussed a lot of great topics over the course of an hour or so, everything from validating the sales model, to establishing KPI’s and comp plans, to learning how to get the most out of your team.

The full video can be found here:


We’ll also be speaking about individual topics discussed here over the course of the next few weeks to further explore each subject. Hopefully it’s helpful for you all!

Big thanks as always to Eric Friedman (our on-stage interviewer) and Evan Bartlett, our co-hosts for helping to make the event happen.